Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mice That Don't really Transform...


I just got done playing a round of Transformice. What is Transformice you say? Well to put it simply it's a flash game involving mice. French mice.

French mice with HILAIROUS french physics. Formage? You got it. Awesome Dance moves? You got it. However the best part is being able to hang out with people who also enjoy hilarious mouse antics (and french physics, seriously just play for an hour and you'll find out what I mean).

In this flash game you have the basic wasd movement. w to jump, a to duck, and the rest to move left and right. The objective of the game is to safely get the cheese from a random point in the given map, to the mousehole. You may be saying, but DerpWizard, isn't it more complex than that? The beauty of it is that isn't true. It's pretty simple but very addicting. Besides what kind of tacky, cheesey story could they come up with for this physics flash game? It would be pretty fun to think of a story for it though. Maybe they are on the verge of extinction and need to gather as much cheese as they can before the apcoloapyse. I don't know.

I usually play on room v and r9k but sometimes I play in any default room I start at. My in-game is cakesnwaffle. Add me to your friends list and we can have a blast!


  1. I'll go try transformice out. Looks fun.

  2. One of my friends was playing it and mentioned it to me. I guess I'll check out the game later :D

  3. I saw someone posting about this on v and didn't think about it, but now it looks like it would be pretty interesting. Thanks for the tip dude!

  4. Silly mice!

    Showing some support, great post, keep em coming.

    You should VIEW my blog, ;)

  5. Haha Transformice COMICS! Now I've seen it all. No if there are any more?