Monday, September 6, 2010

Transformice #3!!

      Woah, freaky stuff today. I saw a couple of flying cats in my street today. I didn't get to ctach any of them. Maybe I was dreaming, I'm not sure.

      Anyways onto today's segment of Transformice. I know you guys are still playing this game. Right? ;-; Well if you have been playing you would notice the ability to beocme a "Shaman" in this game. A shaman is the leader mouse in each room that has special desginated powers. THe powers tend to vary form room to room but alot of them stay the same such as canonballs (force physics) and the popular spirit (an other force physic). Sometimes shammys are given the power to build various structires to help thier mouse brethen, although many shamen tend to be naughty about this. Anyways you haven't really payed the game until you are a shaman and have created a mass of LOLANVILGODS.

      Here's a video of what I mean (a static anvil god found in a level, already made not by shaman):